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The Clean Power Hub is joining RMI!

We're excited to share that the Clean Power Hub has been acquired by RMI, and is being merged with the Energy Transition Academy. This newly combined program will offer even more powerful tools and services to support your work on clean energy.

How Can the Clean Power Hub Help You?

The Clean Power Hub provides free tools and expert advice to support your work on clean power. We can help with policy, regulation, system operations, project development, finance, and more.

The Clean Power Hub's free resources

are designed to make your work faster and more efficient


Clean Power Hub Community

Join our free online discussion forum to grow your network and get your questions answered. Participate in Ask Me Anything sessions with leading clean power experts, share your expertise, attend dynamic events, and connect with fellow professionals working on clean power.

Clean Power Hub Community
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Interactive How-To Guides

Consult our action-oriented clean power guides that help you think through what to do and how to do it. Developed by world-class experts and leveraging cutting-edge resources, these guides streamline your efforts and break the work down step-by-step.


Professional Development Courses

Take one of our executive education-style courses, developed and delivered by leading international institutions. Intended for professionals, these project-based courses teach practical skills and build valuable networks that help you take the next step in your career.

Prof Development
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Ask an Expert

Submit an eligible request and get up to 40 hours of consulting services from one of the world’s top experts on clean power, at no cost to you.


Partner With Us

The Clean Power Hub is a powerful, flexible platform to help local, regional and international organizations build their stakeholders’ clean power capacity quickly and efficiently. Sustainable development partners (NGOs, technical assistance providers, DFIs, philanthropies, etc.) can use the Clean Power Hub to reach new audiences and extend their impact.

Contact us today to learn how the Clean Power Hub can help your organization scale your work.

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