About | Clean Power Hub


Creating a clean power future takes work, and the Clean Power Hub is here to help you get that work done.

The shift to clean power is possible, and – for human health, economic growth and the environment – it’s the smart move. But it takes work like updated power sector planning, appropriate policies and regulations, modern grid operations, new project development and investment, education and advocacy, and more. And all this work takes people like you.

The Clean Power Hub helps professionals like you do the work of creating a clean power future —faster, and more cost-effectively.

The Clean Power Hub collects resources from the world’s best experts on clean power and organizes them for you in free, streamlined, easy-to-follow guides.

These guides give you the information you need to get the job done, suggest actions and next steps, and provide access to leading experts and institutions who can help. The Clean Power Hub also connects you to peers who understand what you’re working on, provides professional development and executive education courses, and more.


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