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Regulatory Focus: Update Grid Requirements

Grid requirements consist of equipment requirements, which govern the technical capabilities of individual elements in DERs, and interconnection requirements, which govern how DERs interact with the larger power system. Taken together, these requirements help ensure that DERs behave in a predictable and beneficial manner during both normal operation and in response to contingency events.

Regulators typically do not have the technical expertise to develop such rules and rely on utilities and power system operators as well as international standard-setting bodies (like IEEE) to create such rules. Such international standard-setting bodies have already developed a series of grid requirements that can be directly adopted and adapted by local jurisdictions. Regulators can encourage or require utilities to incorporate these newer rules into their interconnection processes to ensure that adopted DER have the latest capabilities.

What You Need To Know

  • Grid requirements help ensure a minimum standard of quality and predictable behavior from DERs during normal operation and during grid disturbances, which helps utilities maintain the safe, reliable operation of the power system.
  • IEEE 1547-2018 and UL 1741 SA are two international standards concerning the interconnection of DERs that have been adopted around the world. It is generally easier to adopt existing standards than to create new ones.
  • Regulators must determine when existing grid requirements must be updated and have typically done so due to either increasing penetrations of DERs, improved capabilities of DERs, or the need for more flexibility in the operation of their power system.

First, Read This

Part of regulating interconnection processes is the establishment of grid requirements for both equipment and interconnection. These typically rely on established standards developed by national and international standard-setting organizations and safety certification bodies.

Next, Watch This

IEEE 1547-2018 is a technical standard that establishes criteria and requirements for interconnection and interoperability of DERs with associated electric power systems interfaces.

Now, Watch This

Because existing standards are carefully thought through with extensive input from industry stakeholders, it is often easier to adopt them than to create new ones.

Suggested Actions & Next Steps

  • Find out if your power system is considering adoption of IEEE 1547 or other international standards for DER interconnection. Would they make any modifications to those codes? Can you initiate or contribute to those discussions?
  • Talk to DER developers and installers in your power system. Does their equipment comply with these requirements? Ask about their ability to adopt an updated standard.
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