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Select & Develop Clean Power Policies and Incentives

Identify the Right Clean Power Policies for your Power System

Clean power policies and incentives are tools governments can use to achieve renewable energy goals quickly, reliably and cost-effectively, and drive other objectives like economic development, resilience and climate goals.

There are many proven policy measures to choose from – each with its own strengths and limitations – including targets, mandates, administratively set pricing instruments, competitive procurement, financial incentives, and information and communications programs. Careful consideration is needed in choosing the policies that will work best in a given power system and political economy context.

This guide will help you

  • Better understand renewable power policies and incentive options and considerations for selecting the option most appropriate for your power system.
  • Weigh the relative strengths and limitations of the most common clean power policies.
  • Choose the right policies and incentives for your power system and access resources that can help you implement them.


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