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Begin to Plan Your Procurement

Before embarking upon a new procurement process, there are a number of factors to consider. The process will involve key stakeholders at your corporation and you must consider your organization's overall priorities. The policy landscape and available incentives will also determine which procurement options your company can utilize. Lastly, but importantly, utilizing a new procurement mechanism will involve evaluating various financial scenarios.

3.1. Identify your corporation’s priorities and constraints

It is a significant undertaking for a company to begin procuring renewable energy, especially via third party PPAs or turnkey purchases. Therefore, it is important to identify your organization’s priorities and constraints for electricity procurement. I...

3.2. Explore and Consider Your Policy Landscape

Before designing your procurement plans, it is important to understand the full policy landscape of your operating area, as well as the electricity market structure. Whereas some electricity suppliers or regulators might offer various incentives for ren...

3.3. Evaluate Procurement Methods for Your Context

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to consider with all procurement methods. In emerging markets, it often boils down to what the market allows and what capital or contract structure your organization is able to commit to.


3.4. Investigate Financing Implications and Project Bankability

The return on investment of each procurement method is likely a key determining factor for your organization's willingness to invest. Therefore, understanding the costs associated with each method is crucial.

It is also important to appreci...

3.5. Plan for Buy-In and Approval from Internal Decision-Makers

You have been gathering critical components to make a compelling case to procure renewable energy instead of traditional energy sources. As you gather critical information to make a compelling case for renewable energy procurement, it is important to co...


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