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What a Grid Integration Study Can Do for You

A grid integration study builds confidence among stakeholders – policymakers, regulators, system operators, distribution utilities, and others – that ambitious clean energy targets can be met. It can also identify the policy, regulatory, infrastructure and power system operations interventions needed to achieve those targets cost-effectively and without compromising reliability of electricity service.

What You Need to Know

  • Grid integration studies can answer questions about your power system and its operations under various renewable energy penetration scenarios.
  • Critically, grid integration studies can also create a plan of action by identifying the policy or operational changes needed to make these scenarios viable.

First, Watch This

Need to answer any of the following questions? You may need a grid integration study.

Next, Read This

Grid integration studies can accomplish a variety of objectives, and deliver a huge variety of findings. Check out these examples:

Now, Watch This

"Flexibility" allows a power system to respond to changes in supply and demand. An extremely valuable aspect of grid integration studies is identifying what additional sources of flexibility your power system may need.

Increase Power System FlexibilityTransmission System and Distribution Utility Operations

Suggested Actions & Next Steps

  • Review the objectives of the studies cited above — do you or your colleagues have similar objectives or questions?
  • Visit the Energy Analysis Publications webpage to review high-impact reports from the past decade of groundbreaking analysis from NREL and identify if a recent grid integration study has been completed for your power system. If so, does it answer your questions?
  • Not all grid integration studies are publicly available. Contact your local authorities to find out if they are aware of studies that are not yet public.
  • Begin to think: What flexibility mechanisms is your power system already employing?


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