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Organize & Convene Stakeholder Groups

Deep, collaborative engagement with power sector stakeholders is one of the most important aspects of a successful grid integration study. Your Modeling Working Group (MWG) and Technical Review Committee (TRC) will be among your most important stakeholders, and will play a central role in your grid integration study.

It is important to select MWG and TRC members carefully, and to build their buy-in for the study’s objectives and approach through frequent communication and consultation. A Terms of Reference for each group can help outline roles and responsibilities, requirements for participation, expected timelines and more.

What You Need to Know

  • Your Modeling Working Group will run your study’s modeling, and should include technical staff from power system operators, energy agencies, and other organizations with expertise in power systems or electrical engineering, power flow modeling, and electricity markets. They can be expected to meet weekly or biweekly.
  • Your Technical Review Committee should include around 30 or more experts with deep, diverse and relevant knowledge about the power sector. Ideally, it will also include experts from outside the power sector who can provide perspective on how certain decisions or scenarios might impact consumers, the environment and other aspects of the economy. A TRC typically meets for one full day every three to four months.
  • A Terms of Reference document for each group will tell all parties what they can expect, and can form the basis for clear, effective stakeholder engagement.

Consider Draft Terms for Your Modeling Working Group

NREL has developed a template to help you draft Terms of Reference for your MWG. While the specific terms of your MWG will be based on your needs and context, a good terms of reference will clearly outline the responsibilities for the MWG, team requirements and qualifications, expected level of effort and time commitment, and anticipated meetings, trainings and workshops.

Next, Consider Draft Terms for Your Technical Review Committee

NREL has developed a template to help you draft Terms of Reference for your TRC. As with the MWG, the specific terms will align to your needs and context. But a good terms of reference for your TRC will reflect strong critical thinking about who should participate, outline principles for engagement, and lay out expected time commitments.

Next, See This Great Example from the Philippines

In 2015, the Philippine Department of Energy led a solar and wind integration study and formalized the creation of the TRC (in the Philippines, this entity was called the TAC). Take a look at their terms of reference.

Finally, Use This Template Presentation to Plan for Your First TRC Meeting

NREL has developed a template to help you conduct the first TRC meeting. The first meeting will help stakeholders decide and agree on the study’s key objectives, scope, assumptions, scenarios and sensitivities.

Suggested Actions & Next Steps

  • Review the concept note you developed in Section 3.4 and the list of proposed stakeholders for your MWG and TRC. Update the list of stakeholders whom you would want to participate in each of these groups.
  • Consider how you will convene these groups. Will you meet in person, or over telephone or video conference?
  • Using the template provided above, draft terms of reference for your MWG.
  • Using the template provided above, draft terms of reference for your TRC.
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  • Share your draft MWG and TRC terms with trusted colleagues, including those who may serve in the MWG and TRC. Incorporate their feedback and input, as appropriate.
  • Contact potential participants for the MWG and TRC, describe the study’s concept, and ask if they will participate. If yes, share the terms of reference.
  • Confirm stakeholders’ participation in the study and formally establish the TRC and MWG. Refer to this example from the Philippines.
  • Establish regular, transparent communication and documentation processes for both the TRC and MWG.
  • Begin organizing the TRC and MWG meetings.
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