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Begin Data Collection

Your study’s analyses will require specific data, which you will need to collect. Collecting and, if needed, developing this data can often be a time-consuming, challenging -- and, sometimes, costly -- process that can require frequent engagement with your stakeholders.

What You Need to Know

  • Data for grid integration studies can come from a variety of sources, including: system operators, energy ministries and regulators, private power sector companies, and commercial data vendors. The stakeholders in your TRC, or other stakeholders with which they work, may be good sources of data.
  • Non-disclosure agreements may be necessary before stakeholders are willing to share their data.
  • It is possible that the data you will need does not yet exist. If so, you will need to develop it.
  • Data specific to your power system will yield the best results, but sometimes it is not available. In these cases, useful data can often be extrapolated using regional or international sources.

Look at Your Data Needs

Data specific for your system can be collected from system operators, energy ministries, energy regulators, the private sector and/or commercial vendors. It is important to identify a data source for each data requirement and whether the data is confidential or proprietary. The following template can guide your mapping of required data for your study.

Find Data using Crosscutting Renewable Energy Data and Tools

Explore crosscutting renewable energy data via NREL’s geospatial tools. This included Renewable Energy Atlas, Renewable Energy Data Explorer, Renewable Energy Potential Model and Tribal Energy Atlas.

Access Solar Resource Data, Tools, and Maps

Explore solar resource data via online geospatial tools and downloadable maps and data sets from the World Bank Group.

Explore Wind Resource Data, Tools, and Maps

The World Bank Group also provides wind resource data via online geospatial tools and downloadable maps and data sets.

Suggested Actions & Next Steps

  • Using the template above, list your study’s data requirements. Talk to your MWG and TRC about where you might be able to get that data.
  • Use resources above to find available data for your grid integration study. Research open source platforms and/or contact commercial vendors.
Need help finding or creating the data for your study?Share your questions and/or your expertise in the Clean Power Hub Community
  • If needed, draft a nondisclosure agreement to ensure sensitive data shared with the MWG will be secure. Be sure to consider how the terms of the nondisclosure agreement might impact your ability to communicate and promote the study’s findings.
Do you need more assistance in collecting or creating the data for your study?You may want to talk to an expert. We can connect you.


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