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Develop a Grid Integration Study Work Plan

A work plan is an essential part of executing your grid integration study efficiently and cost-effectively. It will also help you secure buy-in from your stakeholders, by setting expectations and outlining roles and responsibilities, milestones, and timelines.

Defining your stakeholder convening mechanisms, study objectives, and data needs and sources in the previous steps should give you the information you need to draft a comprehensive work plan for your study. Use the concept note drafted in previous steps as a starting point for the development of your work plan.

What You Need to Know

  • A work plan will ensure clarity and transparency among your study’s stakeholders -- including the MWG, TRC, study implementers, project funders, and decision makers -- on how the grid integration study will be conducted and areas of responsibility.
  • The study’s stakeholders will need to provide input and feedback on the work plan and, in the end, need to sign off and commit to the work plan.

Review this Work Plan Template

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory created a template for building a comprehensive grid integration study work plan.

Suggested Actions & Next Steps

  • Use the information and insights you gathered in steps 4 - 8, as well as your concept note and NREL’s template, to draft a work plan.
  • Share the work plan with the stakeholders you have identified for your MWG and TRC to gather their input and feedback. Revise the work plan as needed, and secure your stakeholders’ buy-in.


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