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Run & Analyze the Model

By now, you should have everything your MWG will need to run your power system model(s), analyze the results, and create the basis of a successful grid integration study.

Running the model(s) for your study can take time and patience, while analyzing the results will involve deep stakeholder engagement.

What You Need to Know

  • Your team may require training on modeling in general, or on the specific modeling software you are using. A variety of resources exist to support your team’s modeling capacity—some are free of charge, and some are not.
  • The MWG should discuss initial modeling results with the TRC. These consultations may lead to refinements that can require new data and additional modeling.
  • Running the models is an iterative process and can be time consuming. The models’ outputs can provide important insights into your underlying assumptions and model parameters. You may need to update your assumptions or input data and run the models again based on model outputs and/or stakeholder feedback. Remember: the models and their results are only as accurate as the underlying data and assumptions.
  • Providing insights and in depth understanding on the model’s outputs is a part of your team’s job. Revisiting your study’s objectives, and reconfirming them with your stakeholders, can be a helpful way to shape your analysis and ensure that your insights are actionable and productive.

Review The Tables Below

Information and Training Resources for Capacity Expansion Models

Information and Training Resources for Production Cost Models

Information and Training Resources for Power Flow Analysis

Now, Consider This

Each study scenario will provide an abundance of results to analyze, compare, and report. If the initial results are unrealistic or infeasible you can update the model parameters and underlying assumptions. Remember to ensure your data is high-quality and as accurate as possible.

Suggested Actions & Next Steps

  • Ensure that your team has the capacity to run the software needed by your selected models. If not, explore available trainings.
  • With the MWG and TRC, prioritize the metrics to analyze based on your scenarios and sensitivities.
  • With the MWG, input the necessary data and run the modeling software with the defined scenarios and chosen sensitivities.
Need help setting up and running your model?Ask your questions and/or share your expertise in the Clean Power Hub Community
  • Discuss initial results with the MWG and TRC, and refine assumptions and data as needed. If needed, run the model(s) again.
  • Host a consultative workshop for stakeholders to review your study’s objectives, and outline the necessary analysis. Be sure that your analyses will deliver constructive, actionable insights and answers.
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