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Produce the Analysis Needed to Plan for Clean Power

Conduct a Grid Integration Study

A grid integration study, also referred to as a grid impact study, is an analysis that gives policymakers, regulators, system operators and others the ability and confidence to plan for greater shares of renewable energy in the power system.

Grid integration studies play a crucial role in clean power decision making, as they ask and answer important technical and power system operations questions and build buy-in through in depth stakeholder engagement. Plenty of smart practices and resources for conducting grid integration studies exist, which can help you and your colleagues prepare for, coordinate, execute and communicate the results of an effective study.

This guide will help you:

  • Gather and coordinate the stakeholders, data and models a grid integration study needs to be successful
  • Develop a framework to answer key questions about how your power system will perform in different scenarios
  • Identify and communicate the actions and measures needed to ensure power system reliability and cost-effectiveness with higher shares of renewable energy


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